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we generate ideas

and bring them to life

as moving pictures

what we are

Odd Machine commercial production and post was founded in 2008 and continues to provide these services to top-tier clients today.

Odd Machine/Generator is a little different.


In a newly-formed partnership with Joe Burke, former Marc USA Chief Creative Officer, Co-founding member of Element 79, and decorated industry vet, it will add strategic creative concept generation, copywriting and art direction to the offering. Along with a fresh, new way to get things done.

Odd Machine/Generator is a faster, more cost-effective way to generate, compelling ideas for broadcast and digital video and bring them to life.

A “direct with client”, collaborative approach founded on decades of experience—knowing that if you put smart, talented, and informed decision-makers in a room together, they’ll get to solutions, fast.

Our award-winning, multi-discipline team, works alongside our clients, creating a new level of collaboration— giving you greater control, with less time and marketing budget spent.

how it works

After an initial briefing, we’ll schedule a day when all five decision-makers from different disciplines will go into a room

(we like to call it "Thunderdome”)


Working together in hyperfocused collaboration we are able to craft the story and script, imagine the visuals and generate a rough storyboard, while simultaneously vetting the ability to produce, edit and finish it within your schedule and budget.

meet the team







creative director


executive producer


-Visionary Client Decision-Maker

-Award-winning creative veteran (Joe Burke)

-A-list Director (Seth Henrikson)

-Acclaimed Executive Producer (Alec Pinkston)

-Industry-leading Editor and visual effects supervisor (Chris Shegich)

What comes out, is a client-approved plan that Odd Machine/Generator will take directly into production. There will be no presentations, because we’ve built it with you, our team-member and client.

who's in the room


about you

Odd Machine/Generator is for the marketing leader who knows their brand, their market, their consumer, has gathered the insights, collected the data, and knows what media works for their brand—an inspired marketer who’s grown tired of spending their marketing budget on process and layers.


You simply need an experienced team of nimble decision-makers to help craft stories and bring them to life.

4 simple questions

What would you like to generate?

What is your marketing budget to accomplish this?

When do you need it?

When are you available for “Thunderdome?”