Odd Machine Director Seth Henrikson was called upon to apply his talent for comedic visual storytelling to bring Caterpillar’s “Fluidium” concept to life. With a series of production and post challenges inherit to the creative and timeline, Henrikson utilized the full expanse of the Machine’s production and post resources to overcome all obstacles.


For instance, what do you do when you only have 2 days to shoot 9 completely different locations? You get creative. The time and cost of traveling to every location was not an option, so Henrikson had to maximize the ability of the lens to convey a scene with richness and depth beyond the constraints of the frame. It also helps to have a 10,000 square foot stage. This allowed the production team to build all of the interior scenes at Odd Machine’s West Chicago studio in order to shoot all the interiors in just one day. On day two, Seth and the team filmed all four exteriors in Chicago’s Humboldt Park, utilizing the in-house graphics team to augment the scenes with several 3d elements including rain, construction equipment, trees and gravestones. The project is a testament to using the full capabilities of your team to overcome limitations and achieve an end result that doesn’t compromise on quality.


Storyboards through finish


Client: CAT

Director: Seth Henrikson